Thursday, 3 January 2013

Learning Outcomes: Practical & Professional Skills

"Explore and evaluate the appropriate skills relevant to the creation of character design"

Since coming to the end of this module I have built on the skills I came into the course with from my experience outside of university. I feel the feedback and issues I have encountered in my own work regarding character design have made me realise the importance of planning and detail when designing, whether it be a character or an environment. The ability to work towards and within a brief I feel is one of the most important aspects of, not only character design, but good practice within the field of industry. Learning to work within the constraints and rules applied within a brief is important to stop deviation from the overall goal of the project. Applying the fundamentals of character creation, such as drawing ability, posture, personality and other elements I have mentioned in other learning outcomes, leads to an effective design being created. In addition to this the importance of planning through silhouetting, thumbnailing and sketching enables a solid iterative process to be accomplished.

"Operate ethically demonstrating critical understanding of the issues governing good practice"

Throughout the completion of the character design module I have made sure to research and create without plagiarising or stealing ideas, designs and artwork directly from a copyrighted source. This is the same for my work outside of university, meaning any work I have completed has come about from an iterative process based off my own design. This is because of the importance of originality of ideas and IP ownership. Within industry protecting and creating valuable intellectual property means that others cannot steal and use your ideas for themselves, by operating and developing your own work ethically lega action can be avoided. I feel I have demonstrated a my own personal development and research here:

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