Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Learning Outcomes: Key Transferable Skills

"Demonstrate an independent and reflective approach to personal and professional development"

I feel the skills that I have learnt within this module regarding character design have really opened my eyes to what exactly I need to focus on in my creative career. With anything I have done before, the use of Photoshop and traditional media has always been a staple need for me to create artwork and I feel confident in my knowledge about the use of these mediums. However within these I have a distinct lack of practical research regarding character design as a whole as I feel my strengths lie in other areas of concept art. This module immediately challenged and taught me to look into the importance of anatomy, costume design and depiction of personality in relation the characters I began to create. Within the first few weeks on the course I realised it was these things in particular that I had completely negated to include in any character work I had completed before, therefore giving me a set of goals to research and practice with every concept created since. I feel that my progression through the module shows a distinct growth in the work I have created, regardless of whether I feel they are at a 'professional' level just yet I am beginning to learn about an area that I have hardly touched on. 

The environmental art side of this module is where I feel most comfortable as it is where I feel I am strongest in my artwork as a whole. My love for creating environmental concept was a hard one to breakaway from for this module as I feel that I am much more confident at communicating ideas through mood and lighting than by direct line drawing, posture and personality, ideas that go hand-in-hand with character design. This is not to say that I feel my character work was a complete disaster, but it was missing the edge that my environmental concept art is hopefully able to transmit. It is this which I feel I need to bring into my character design work, mixing the use of looser strokes and less calculated mark-making to create characters that best represent my art style. 

"Exhibit professional communication skills in the specialist area"

I feel I have exhibited professional communication skills through through the learning outcomes written previous to this post. I feel the class environment was mature and discussions were taken in a professional manner, be it regarding feedback for module work or art-based discussion in our peer groups. 


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